Larimar Homes

Group Homes

Larimar Homes operates 1 licensed Group home in Sault Ste. Marie. The home is a 6 bed home (5 long term placements with 1 emergency bed). Like staff model homes, the group home serves several youth with similar needs such as age, developmental needs, interests, risks, mental health and behavioural needs. The group home is staffed with a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention certified Residential Youth Worker 24 hours a day. The home will have a second staff on site, when 4 or more youth are placed at the residence. Additional staff may be added to the home for one-to-one work when needed to meet a youth’s needs.Youth living at the Group Home have access to a licensed Psychotherapist and Social Worker who is trained in Cognitive Behavior therapy, Trauma Training, Emotion Focused Therapy, Dialectal Behaviour Therapy, and Emotion Focused Family Therapy. Sessions are available to youth on a weekly scheduled basis and upon request as needed.